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Hausbar was created by Bethlehem bartender, Beth van Horn. She's worked in a handful of Lehigh Valley restaurants and she's probably made you a drink if you hung out downtown Bethlehem. She's taking her skills, expertise and knowledge to you so you can drink better and experience excellent hospitality at your home for any type of celebration!

We take care of all the bar necessities, except the alcohol. We currently have three classy bars that are easily mobile to fit indoor or outdoor anytime of the year. Our bartenders are RAMP certified, professional and comfortable with high volume.

From intimate settings to lavish events, we make all events easy, fun and more memorable for any type of celebration!

Let's Celebrate with Elegance!

Image by Kiwihug

Meet Our Bars


Clients we have worked with

Murphy Jewelers
Da Vinci Science Center
Cantelmi Long Funeral Home
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