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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Bar Service for Your Wedding Reception!

1.  You don’t need to stress about anything when you hire Hausbar! We take care of all the things so you don’t have to. We bring our own handmade bars, certified and trained bartenders, all bar tools, ice, coolers, water station, sugar cane straws, bamboo napkins, disposable cups, a customized menu, trash/recycling, a dump bucket(which most people forget about), garnishes, and all non alcoholic mixers. We also show up two hours early to set up and leave the area as we found it. All you need to do is provide the liquor but we'll recommend how much as well as smooth and drinkable brands!

2.  You can trust us to make whatever you want! We know what we’re doing and we’re pretty good at it! We are real bartenders that have worked in the restaurant industry for years at high volume bars, sports bars, wedding venues and cocktail bars.

3.  You don't need to wait! We can handle high volume and can make multiple drinks at once. We are very resourceful and know how to keep a line from forming or at least moving pretty fast. 

4.  Your venue or property can be added to our general liability and liquor liability insurance policy for the night so you can have peace of mind.

5.  You want the BEST! Your caterer can probably supply someone or you could probably hire your neighbor who worked at a restaurant once who can fix drinks but we’ve seen this before and heard horror wouldn’t you just want the experts that specialize in mobile bartending, know how weddings work and make delicious cocktails that your guests will be raving about!?

Hire Hausbar to serve at your wedding so you don't have to lift a finger! Our services are the perfect touch for any type of wedding!

Inquire today, we'll set up a call and chat details and get you in our book! 2024 dates are filling up!!!

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Elevating your Event with unqiue Cocktails: The Alpine, a Hausbar Original.

In July I flew out to Europe to do a 4-week stint. I met up with my long-time Irish friend, Grace, who I met 8 years ago in Germany. Every few years we meet up somewhere in the world for some good craic. This time around we spent two weeks traveling down central Europe to places that were new for us and slightly less touristy. We traveled by train from Berlin and stopped at various cities along the way to our first 3-day destination near Lake Bled. Our sweet airbnb host, Ivica, picked us up from the Jesenice train station and drove us to our kitschy cabin minutes from the trail to the Triglav National Park. Ivica set out Slovenian cured meat, cheese and a small glass of a local elixir made of lemon, tonic and pine cone syrup! We sipped, we ate the cured sausage and we had some rollies while listening to the distant flowing of bluishgreen, freezing cold, glacier water wrapping throughout huge coniferous trees. The next morning we hiked up to the Triglav National Park which consisted of natural waterways flowing down the Julian Alps. Although it was mid-July, by the water and under the trees, it could have been a cool spring day. It sure was beautiful. 


I wanted to remember this experience and share it with others who may not know about Slovenia(which is surprising a lot of people) or the Julian Alps. Due to pine cones not being readily available in the fall in Pennsylvania, I used what was available and in season, pine needles from an eastern white pine tree. This creation turned out to be quite exquisite! I also added rosemary and thyme to the pine needle syrup to round out the juniper taste of gin and to give the elixir more dimension.


Here is our recipe, go ahead and steal it but do give Hausbar credit. This cocktail turned out to be a fantastic fall addition to our menu and we couldn’t be more pleased to share something new and fun with you, the cocktail sipper.


The Alpine: Gin, tonic, fresh lemon juice, rosemary, pine needle and thyme syrup topped with a torched sprig of rosemary. All contents must be fresh and this cocktail must be stirred not shaken to keep the body of the botanicals. 


Also in case you didn’t know, The Alps aren’t just in Germany and Switzerland, this huge mountain range is also rolling through France, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria and of course the beautiful country of Slovenia.


Here is what guests from a recent event said about our cocktail.


“I don’t even like gin but I really love this cocktail!"

“I feel like I am in the Alps.”

“I can taste the smoke and I like it."

“This tastes like fall.”

"This is the best cocktail I've had in a long time!"

“I’d pay $18 for this cocktail.”


All of these compliments made us feel really great about giving you something different, local and unique. Let’s elevate your next event with cocktails that will give your guests something to talk about!

Image by Kiwihug

A Super Trendy Cocktail: The Espresso Martini, The Hausbar Edition.

It seems that everyone loves sipping an espresso martini but often forgets about it unless someone else orders it, am I right? Picture this: You are at a bar and your friend orders an espresso martini and then you remember how good that drink was and so you and the rest of the bar patrons will also take one. If you are a bartender you will understand this, if you are a regular person, maybe you were one of those customers at some point. But nonetheless, it is a DAMN GOOD drink and it used to be my drink. Butttttttt I never ordered it as a customer because it can be a pain to make, unless you're us.


Hausbar was recently hired to work a wedding at a private home in the Pocono Mountains(this is super trendy btw, another blog post coming soon about it) and one bride requested our Gold Dust Espresso Martini. We must be crazy to have that on our menu(ALL YEAR LONG). Technically we call it ‘The Gold Dust Carajillo,’ but you all don’t know what that is yet but we’re working on it ;) Anyway…we prepped all our Monocacy Co Espresso a few hours prior to the reception for efficiency, speed AND without compromising the great taste and all that CREMA!! Our bride Bryanna described it as the best espresso martini she ever had! Here is how we made it, we shook 1 part vodka, 1 part half-caffed espresso(will explain below), 1 part coffee liqueur, one fat splash of liquor 43(my favorite!!) and edible gold gust. Not only was this drink silky and sleek but we topped it with a pistachio biscotti because we all love a snack. 


And since we know you so well, the bride/groom/wedding goer/cocktail sipper/third cousin/coffee enthusiast/whoever loves espresso but also loves sleep, we half-caffed you, which we mentioned above. This simply means we cut the espresso with decaf so you my friend are able to enjoy your drink and later fall asleep after a long night of celebrating!

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